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Rina Khatun
Jul 13, 2022
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On the same day, other Israeli settlers from a settlement in Country Email List the hills south of Hebron beat Palestinians and Israeli activists protesting a Supreme Court decision that upheld the destruction of eight Palestinian villages in areas occupied and Country Email List administered by the military. Israeli (Israel governs the occupied West Bank with a military body called, in what seems like a real joke, "Civil Administration"). The excuse used by Israel for the expulsion of 1,800 people - which constitutes the largest displacement of Palestinians since the 1970s - is Country Email List difficult to understand: it argues that the Palestinians have their villages in an area reserved by the army for the "practice of shooting" in occupied territory. The Israeli military occupation of the Country Email List Palestinians has already lasted too long. Of the 74 years of life of the State of Israel, 55 have been of military occupation over the Palestinians. During this military dictatorship over another people, Country Email List Israel has developed one of its largest national projects: the construction of more than 120 settlements (there are another hundred that have not yet received official authorization, but everything seems Country Email List to indicate that it is only a matter of time) where 700,000 Israelis enjoy exclusive rights among millions of Palestinians. The colonies are not small places, but some Country Email List have already become cities (Modin Illit, Maaleh Adumin, Ariel, etc.). Israel considers itself a democracy for all, but it is not: it is a democracy with privileged rights for Jews (any Jew in the world Country Email List who wants to emigrate to can become an Israeli citizen instantly), but limited and imperfect for Country Email List Arabs living within Israel (who were under military rule within Israel from the founding of the state until 1966 and to this day cannot settle in any part of the country).
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Rina Khatun

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